Project: Underground Railroad
Human Trafficking in the Lehigh Valley
“Unidentified: Awareness Is Everything”
by Amber H. Karom, LSW
Easton, Jan. 26 @The Quadrant Bookmart &Coffee, Book Signing: 11am -2pm and Free Training: 4pm -6pm
“Awareness Is Everything. It is an intricate part in the ability to stand up to human trafficking.” Author Amber Karom, LSW

Human Trafficking is a modern term for Slavery.

Unidentified: Awareness is Everything” was written by the founder of Aspire To Autonomy Inc., Amber Karom, LSW.  While working with VAST- Valley Against Sex Trafficking, she did a study on the frequency of  those being trafficked and their contact with the medical field. This led to her realizing the need for more awareness, education and training – not just in the medical community but the community at large. Trafficking is here in the Lehigh Valley  but often it is remains invisible to most!

This book and training will open your eyes to the fact human trafficking is a real issue within our community. Victims of human trafficking walk amongst us, sit beside us, and may even be providing you a service (nails, massages, gardening, etc.). Often these individuals find themselves coming into contact with health care providers by way of emergency rooms. When properly educated, these individuals could very well be the difference between freedom and captivity.

Presented by: Aspire to Autonomy Inc. Our mission is to provide an environment of safety, healing and empowerment to equip trafficking victims with the necessary services and programs to follow their pursuit of independence.

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Help Aspire to Autonomy bridge the gap between captivity and freedom by creating a safe place for survivors to go when they are able to leave their traffickers and begin to work towards autonomy.

100% of the proceeds of of this book goes directly to our “Project Underground Railroad” and aid in the fight against Human (Sex) Trafficking.

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